CPR/AED and First Aid


Our courses were designed to meet the needs of groups and individuals. If you’re on your own for your training, go ahead and start any of the courses below. You won’t need a company account to get started. If you’re in charge of training for a group, check out our group solutions and put your compliance on auto-pilot. All our courses meet the necessary regulatory guidelines, adhering to AHA and OSHA guidelines as appropriate

All of our CPR courses have a blended option. With blended training, students complete the part 1 online course and then schedule a skill evaluation with one of our instructors to complete the part 2 skills check off. Once the instructor has confirmed a passing score, the student will receive his or her wallet card in the mail within 7-10 business days.


Pro First Aid Only is an online first aid certification that meets OSHA guidelines for the general workplace where CPR certification is not required. If you need ONLY first aid training without CPR, you are welcome to utilize this course and receive a new, two-year Pro First Aid Only certificate.

Blood-borne Pathogens

Blood-borne Pathogens Safety Training is an OSHA mandated training program for any person who may be reasonably anticipated to face contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials as the result of performing their job duties. ProBloodborne for the Workplace contains blood-borne pathogens training that is specific to non-healthcare related workplaces.

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