Self Defense

Not your typical Self Defense class
Have you seen some of those cheesy videos with these self defense gurus? Maybe you have even taken their class and felt cheated when you left. Classes like these give you a false sense of security and reality that can get you hurt.

Real World Training
Have you every wondered how the military or police train the brave men and women that protect our society? Have you heard of the O.O.D.A. Loop, pre-attack indicators, or situational awareness? We will go over all of these and more during class and explain how you can apply them.

Igniting the Fire
We offer two classes to give you the basic fundamentals of what it takes for you to be safe, defend yourself, and ignite a fire in you to pursue continuing training in the never ending path in learning to be your own first responder.

Self Defense Level 1

During our level one class we will go over the basics of self defense and explain how you can use these techniques in everyday life to help spot trouble before it even happens. Level one will cover all of the important aspects leading up to a physical confrontation. (5-hours)

Topics Covered:

Situational Awareness
Reactions to Stress – Fight or Flight
O.O.D.A. Loop
Identifying Pre-Attack Indicators
Perception and Reaction Timing
De-escalation & Conflict Avoidance
Basic Fighting and Defense Skills
What is the Best Martial Art
1-hour of hands on skill training

Self Defense Level 2

In our advanced class we will review topics covered in the previous;y and have a group discussion on how you have been able to utilize them. We then move on to more advanced concepts and scenario training. Level two will help prepare you in the event a confrontation is imminent and you have to take action. (5-hours)

Topics Covered:

Your Body’s Reaction to stress
Body Mechanics
Weapons – When to Use
Mental Preparedness
Aftermath – What happens next?
Advanced Fighting & Self Defense Skills
2 – hours of hands on training

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